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Saint Paul Avenue

Completed in 2014

LEED Certified Gold

The home on Saint Paul Avenue incorporates all the things that make our houses so environmentally advanced. The insulation is a combination of closed-cell foam for air tightness, rigid foam board to eliminate thermal bridging, and dense-packed fiberglass to elevate the R-value. All the lighting is LED, and the furnace, AC and all appliances are super energy-efficient. This led to a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) score of 44, which means the home is estimated to use only 44% of the energy of a comparably-sized home built to the current energy code. This is especially remarkable given the home has no expensive or overly-complicated "green" features - such as solar or geothermal heat; proof that spending wisely on low-tech, "low hanging fruit" solutions can go a very long way.

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